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Back Country Gear aStore

     The Back Country Gear features quality gear and accessories of interest to adventurers of all skill levels. The selection of products is powered by (US), features Amazon customer reviews, and is bolstered by the safety and security of Amazon's payment system and market. The items listed below have been hand-picked by Red Hawk Adventures for their quality, durability, or relevance to current and prospective adventurers. Visitors that acquire Amazon products through the Back Country Gear pages will be supporting Red Hawk Adventures through advertising fees paid by Amazon. Thank you.

About Amazon's aStore

Who benefits from buying from Amazon?

     Mostly you and Amazon. The Back Country Gear page is designed to highlight great gear and equipment available through Amazon at their outstanding prices. The contents of the Back Country Gear featured above is powered by Amazon's "aStore" which allows third parties, such as Red Hawk Adventures, to feature Amazon's products on their own website. Amazon then shares a small advertising fee with RHA for each purchase. Alternatively, you can choose not to purchase items through the Back Country Gear page by shopping directly on Amazon for the exact same products.

Is my personal information or credit card shared with your website?

     No information, including personally-identifiable or financial information, is collected by RHA or its associates because the transaction is carried out through Amazon's payment system. Please see's Privacy Notice when shopping through Amazon's services.

Are there other retailers that Red Hawk Adventures recommends?

     Absolutely., a consumer cooperative; US Patriot Tactical, a retailer "by soldiers for soldiers" offering equipment suitable for adventurers and enlisted troops alike; LL Bean; and many other retailers offer excellent products not always available on or its associated websites. Many of the products on these sites are also made in the United States. Please support items made responsibily and/or in the USA when possible.

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