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Consider Donating

     There are many great organizations to donate to or get involved with. This page has links to a few ways that you can provide much needed assistance to wildlife reserves, anti-poaching organizations, and conservation groups.

     I have also listed a few ways that you can help Red Hawk Adventures be even more adventurous by donating gear, money, or by donating towards the hosting of this website.

     Suggestions of new groups to volunteer with and ways I can help in the United States, Africa, or Asia are welcome. Please contact me and let me know where I can be of service!

          Thank you.

Red Hawk Adventures

Translation Services

     Soon we'll be looking for English-to-Chinese and English-to-Vietnamese translators to broaden the subtitle database for videos created by Red Hawk Adventures. If you have experience providing translations or fan-subtitling tv shows and media, we'll need your help. Stay tuned for more details on how you can get involved soon.

Gear Wishlist

     If you or your organization would like to donate money or gear directly to me I would greatly appreciate that! However large donations should go to where they are most needed: wildlife reserves and anti-poaching groups on the front-lines. I'm not always on the front-lines, however any equipment donated to me I will take with me when I travel abroad to donate to a legitimate organization that most needs that gear.

     Red Hawk Adventures has its own Gear Wishlist at Any gear donated to me via Amazon I will test out, use gently, and then donate to an anti-poaching group or ranger-training facility in Africa. The Amazon link provides the opportunity for individuals to donate directly without exposing their credit card or shipping information to Red Hawk Adventures or other people (except and is a safe and easy way to support Red Hawk Adventures. Donations of used wildlife books are also greatly appreciated.

     Groups or companies looking to sponsor Red Hawk Adventures and earn advertising space may contact me directly using any of the methods on the About page or at RedHawk @ (without spaces) with the subject line "Sponsorship." Thank you!

Website Funding

     Individuals interested in donating money to help fund this website's hosting costs may use the button below. This website costs around $100 per year to operate. I spend my personal time maintaining the site itself and coding most of the static pages so costs remain low. Hosting is through DreamHost which is committed to carbon-neutral operation, making this a "green" website! Click here to read about DreamHost's carbon off-sets and renewable energy. Additionally, if you're interested in having your own website hosted, you can sign-up for DreamHost website or virtual private server hosting through the "this site is green" link and I'll get a referral benefit.

Donate towards my web hosting bill!      Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.

     The Red Hawk Adventures Blog is run on free, open-source software from WordPress and I encourage people to support their parent company Automattic and related services as well. Without WordPress many people would be without a voice on the internet.

Charities and Organizations

Raising Awareness & Volunteering

     I have outlined in the Get Involved section how spending your free time raising awareness can help to raise funds for wildlife organizations. Simply telling charitable friends and family about these organizations can be just as helpful as donating the money yourself.

     Companies making charitable, tax-deductible contributions make up much of the money that goes towards charities and conservation efforts. Talking to your boss or employer about making a donation on behalf of the company can provide a huge boost in funding without any financial burden to yourself.

     For some things honest dedication is enough to qualify for a volunteer position, however individuals with special skills may be able to find a position at a tiger breeding program or cheetah gene research center. Or as a specialist instructor for an anti-poaching group in the heart of Kruger National Park. Don't be afraid to approach a conservation group looking for volunteers. Make yourself available for an adventure and challenge yourself.

     See some examples of ways you can volunteer or fund your own adventure on the Get Involved page.

How Monetary Donations Help Conservation Efforts

     I've selected several organizations to feature on this site which I personally believe spend their money wisely with very low administrative costs. In some cases 100% of the funds donated go directly to operations on the ground in key areas. These organizations may fund National Parks, wildlife rehabilitation, or anti-poaching efforts where poaching is worst. In lieu of actual money, frequent flier miles are also accepted by some charities as an easy means of indirect support for their transportation needs.

Costs associated with operations on the ground are defined as:

National Parks & Related Projects

Conservation Organizations & Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers (Listed Alphabetically)

     This list features some great organizations to donate to or get involved with. Donating to a non-profit or charitable organization registered in your country may make part of the donation tax-deductible (see the column on the right side of the page).

Big Life Foundation Logo

Big Life Foundation - Begun in 2010 as a response to the brazen poaching experienced in Kenya and Tanzania, photographer and Big Life co-founder and president Nick Brandt tapped the support and experience of experts in East Africa and has quickly established a successful conservation effort protecting 2 million acres of East Africa with a realistic outlook on long term solutions that the foundation can provide. Their sister project Big Life Canada provides volunteer and donor opportunities for Canadians. Registered as a charitable organization in both CAN and USA. UK residents can tax-effectively donate via this process through Save the Rhino International.

Conservation Drones Logo - Founded by Lian Pin Koh and Serge Wich, seeks to assist in sharing knowledge of developing and deploying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for conservation groups worldwide with a focus on the conservation needs of developing countries. Donations are handled through this page on the sister site.

Elephant Action League Logo

Elephant Action League - Conducts multilingual global awareness campaigns and supports and sponsors projects in Africa related to anti-poaching and anti-trafficking. Elephant Action League is dedicated to fighting wildlife trafficking, forest crime, poaching, and provides training to field operatires and investigations into individuals and orgainzations that take part in these crimes. They have an extensive list of conservation partners listed on their site.

The League has also lauched, a secure platform for anonymous informants and whistleblowers to expose wildlife and forest crime as well as trafficking organizations and corrupt government officials.

International Anti-Poaching Foundation Logo

International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) - The IAPF operates accredited anti-poaching ranger training facilities in southern Africa and provides anti-poaching and conservation services for a wide array of wildlife, but most notably rhino. They are committed to its core objectives of education, research, leadership, and awareness of environmental issues and support a variety of conservation, education, and anti-poaching projects and groups across southern Africa.

Through the Green Army program applicable volunteers can get hands-on experience working with experts and rangers on front-line conservation and anti-poaching projects.

International Elephant Foundation Logo

International Elephant Foundation (IEF) - Established in 1999 the organization has focused on supporting and operating elephant conservation and education programs that have benefit wildlife, ecologies, and scientific research. The IEF operates a variety of anti-poaching, conservation, and research programs throughout Africa and Asia.

International Rhino Foundation Logo

International Rhino Foundation (IRF) - Founded in 1989 the IRF has a major commitment to the Critically Endangered rhino of Asia as well as a sizable commitment to rhino conservation efforts in Africa. Their broad scope of projects, including management, monitoring, research, and protection of wildlife is focused to maintain and even increase rhino populations in select areas. They also provide anti-poaching training and support.

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Logo

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre - Rehabilitates large and small animals and provides a home to injured animals that can't be released back into the wild. Moholoholo, which means "The Very Great One," provides education to tourists, programs for local students, as well as venues for weddings and makes an important impact on the wildife in the Kruger National Park area.


Nakavango Conservation Programme - Located in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on a successful private game reserve, the Nakavango Conservation Center provides volunteer programs, general survival courses, and customized training programs for eco-tourists and individuals of most experience levels. A highlight of the Center is the conservation education it provides to schools in local communities on subjects of human-wildlife conflict, conservation of resources, and the importance of wildlife both as an inheritance for future generations and for tourism which generates significant revenue for the country. The Programme is the first project of the Eco Africa Experience, a division of Mantis Education.

Save the Rhino International Logo

Save the Rhino International (SRI) - Registered as a charity in 1994, Save the Rhino International has several aspects to its conservation program that include anti-poaching, captive breeding, and environmental education and conservation. During 2011 SRI's expenditures focused primarily on conservation efforts of the critically endangered Black Rhino species, but also has programs that assist in conserving all rhino species across Africa, India, and Indonesia. Registered as a charitable organization in UK and USA; provides funding to partner organizations through select donations to SRI. Eligible for's AmazonSmile program where a portion of each purchase gets donated to a charitable organization of your choosing.

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust Logo

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust - Located in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the Trust has a number of wildlife programs and research projects operating in the area that provides wildlife rescue, facilities and care for orphaned animals, conservation training, and volunteer/internship programs.

All logos and images shown above are copyright their respective owners. This list gets updated regularly, but you can suggest an organization that should be on this list by using the contact us page.

Notice: Red Hawk Adventures does not claim to be a representative of, or affiliated with, any organizations named above. Neither Red Hawk Adventures nor its contributors are legally or morally responsible or otherwise liable for any awesomeness acquired or injury sustained, personal or financial, by interacting with the aforementioned organizations. Use at your own risk; consult a physician if your sense of adventure is too extreme.